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Wootch, Child Protection Like Never Before!

Child Protection Like Never Before!

Wootch is an app enabled security accessory for children, camouflaged as a rechargeable digital watch, which alerts you when your child is more than five metres (16 feet) away from you.

Powered by QL-Find™ technology, Wootch is an app enabled accessory designed to assist you with child protection like never before!
Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphones/Tablets, Wootch is an app enabled security wrist watch for kids that will alert you when your child is more than five metres (16 feet) away from you, via the supporting QL-Find app.

Proximity Detection and Locator 

You can extend the maximum distance between the child wearing a Wootch and your Smartphone/Tablet up to 20 metres (65 feet). Perfect for when you are in the park/supermarket/shopping centre to avoid those moments when your child does wander off and panic takes over wondering where your child has gone!

Wootch also has a built-in ‘FindMe’ button your child can press within a 50 metre (164 feet) range. This alerts your Smartphone/Tablet so you are aware your child needs your immediate attention.

Through the QL-Find app you will also be able to establish the last seen location via the Maps application on your Smartphone/Tablet.  

There is also a near/far (similar to hot and cold) gauge you can use to assist you with locating your child.


Wootch also has added security features, such as the ‘Device Lock’. This prevents the Wootch from being turned off without your permission.

The Wootch is also perfect for large families, family day outs and child minders as you can have up to ten Wootchs running from your Smartphone/Tablet. You can also rename each individual Wootch to reflect the name of the child within the QL-Find app.

Bluetooth 4.0

QL-Find is powered using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The benefit of this is it minimises the battery consumption on both your Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone/Tablet and your Wootch.


Wootch is currently compatible with HTC One/One X+, Samsung Galaxy S4/S4 Mini/S3/S3 Mini, iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3/4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th generation).


Source & Images: Indiegogo.com

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