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Ubooly, a furry marshmallow creature, that will be your child's best friend

Ubooly is a smartphone enabled marshamallow creature that has one of the highest retention rates in the toy industry.  Its brain is your smartphone or tablet. Simply insert your device into the top of Ubooly's head and zip it closed.

Ubooly is your child's best friend, tutor and gym coach all rolled up into a furry marshmallow creature with ears. Boasting one of the best retention scores in the industry, Ubooly will keep your kid engaged for months with fun adventures, experiments, games, jokes, stories, and more!  Ubooly's content is designed by educators and whimsified by comedy writers, to create 'Active Play' - the perfect formula to get your child's heart pumping and their brain growing.

Using advanced speech-recognition technology, Ubooly listens and responds to you!  For a kid, it's pretty darn magical.
Ubooly comes loaded with hundreds of clever activities and... is always learning new things! In fact, every week, brand new content is sent wirelessly to your mobile device so kids will always have fun.



Source & Images: Kickstarter

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