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iBox Nano, a really affordable 3D printer

Created with the home based user in mind, the iBox Nano is the worlds smallest, most affordable 3D Resin Printer.

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano is:

  • The worlds smallest Resin printer 
  • The worlds most affordable 3D Resin printer 
  • The worlds only battery powered (option) Resin printer 
  • The worlds first production LCD based UV Resin printer 
  • The worlds quietest 3D printer 
  • The worlds lightest 3D printer 

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano works over WiFi, so you can print without being tethered to your printer. If you choose you can also print over Ethernet using the integrated 100BaseT interface.

3D Resin Printing has evolved


Many of the Resin printers on the market use DLP technology to create and control the UV light used to cure the resin. Using a DLP projector introduces a few issues such as low bulb life and cooling fan noise. DLP projector bulbs will need to be replaced at their service interval, generally at 2000-8000 hours of use. Even before they fail they will suffer a noticeable loss in output power causing reduced print quality, or no print at all. These bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars, and all of them will need to be replaced. 

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano is designed for the home user who wants to print small to average sized 3D objects with good resolution without having a large noisy printer intruding on their workspace. The goals were to be small, quiet, inexpensive, and portable.

b2ap3_thumbnail_ibox-nano-2.png The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano prints at 328 microns on the X-Y axis and can print down to 0.39 microns on the Z axis. 

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano is the worlds first truly portable 3D Resin Printer. Weighing only 3 pounds, it is small enough and light enough to just slide in your backpack, making it truly portable. Almost all 3D printers have several wires; a USB cable to connect to your computer and a power cable.

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano is WiFi enabled so you will never be tethered to your computer. It is also the worlds first battery powered 3D Resin Printer. The battery option* lasts approximately 10 hours.

The battery option, coupled with the Nano’s silent and completely wireless operation allows you to truly be mobile. You will be printing on the go at Starbucks, in the library, at a friends house, or at any location you desire. 

The affordable 3D printer iBox Nano is contracted of precision laser cut extruded acrylic. Also known as Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). It is 17 times stronger than glass and at only half the weight provides a beautiful yet durable structure where neither function nor form are compromised.

Source, Images & Media resources courtesy of iBox Nano / Kickstarter

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