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Flex Shot, A Moldable Stand by WildIron

Regular camera stand is not always practical to use with small cameras or smart phones, it needs some time to be adjusted for the best shot we're looking for.
WildIron has came up with an amazing product, It's been launched already as a kickstart project, Flex Shot, a moldable stand that can be formed the way you like.

With Flex Shot you can mold, flex, form stand to any surface in any direction.You can use Flex Shot with cameras, phones, small tablets and more.

Flex Shot's design allows center of gravity to shift as the base is molded, retaining any shape until the user returns the base to its original shape with a gentle coaxing. It keeps your camera, phone, or tablet stabilized, yet flexible with as many uses as one can imagine.


Source & Images courtesy: WildIron & Kicktarter

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