360° video and photos - the future of filming!The worlds first 360° action camera that will change the way you film and watch videos. The GEONAUTE 360 pack comes with a flat pad, curved pad, universal adaptor, micro USB-Y Cable, Li-ion battery, protective skin and lanyard cord. 360° Filming Equipped with 3 wide-angle lenses, each with an 8MP sensor, it offers an almost full spherical field of view (360° horizontal and 150° vertical), thus providing unlimited possibilities to create high-quality movies and photos.   2K Video and 4K Photos Be blown away by the stunning 2K video...
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The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system, designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and entertainment. Using motion sensors the cloud detects a user's presence and creates a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by their movement. The system features a powerful speaker system from which the user can stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device. Using color-changing lights the cloud is able to adapt to the desired lighting color and brightness. The cloud also has alternative modes such as a nightlight and music reactive mode. On one hand, ‘Cloud’ is an Arduino...
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Now you can control your computer, surf the web, do all tasks on your desktop, with a simple hand gestures.Mycestro Wearable 3D Mouse does not need a flat surface to operate, it works just by moving your hand, Mycestro Wearable 3D Mouse can track hand motion in 3-D space. Using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Protocol, Mycestro Wearable 3D Mouse can work in a range of up to 30 feet. "Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions."   You can control the cursor position by moving your hand in the direction yo...
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"Mousr is the first robotic cat toy that can see and react to a cat’s movements just like real prey." Mousr, introduced by Petronics is a robotic mouse for your cat to play with, it can react to cat's movements and interact with. In the wild, cats hunt up to 20 times a day. While being kept indoors is very beneficial to cat health and safety in a number of ways, not being able to express their natural hunting instincts has been shown to contribute to a number of negative behavioral habits. With his ability to sense and react to your cat, Mousr is the only toy capable of truly...
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Ozyotech has now its own gadgets, camera and computer online store Ozyotech is glad to announce, the opening of it's online gadgets store, camera, accessories, computer and peripherals online.Now all our users and visitors are welcomed to browse and buy from our online gadgets store. Our Ozyotech Store has a lot of varieties of gadgets related to Camera AccessoriesBinoculars, Telescopes & OpticsCamcordersCases & BagsDigital Photo FramesDigital SLRsLensesPoint-and-Shoot Digital CamerasSurveillance Cameras As for our Electronics Store Section, you may find: Accessories &...
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Get Ditto & never miss important calls & never forget your phone again Stop worrying about checking your phone all day long. Wear Ditto and you'll get notified when having a call, or if you ever forgot your phone is. At Simple Matters, the Ditto creators, say they have created Ditto "to free people from worrying about their smartphones and to be more present in life." "They've made Ditto as simple as possible." So just wear Ditto close to your body and don't worry about checking your phone all the time.  Ditto will vibrate when someone you have call.  With Ditto you will ...
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It may seem too early to talk about the new "iPhone 7" and when it will be released, but many rumors and speculations begin to appear on websites and blogs, so following those rumors and speculations, we're interested to know really, when will the new "iPhone 7" come out and what new features will the "iPhone 7" have? Some of the rumors say that the new "iPhone 7" will be iPhone 6S instead! That if we follow Apple traditional naming conventions. Although many other rumors said Apple will drop the "S" naming convention from it's future releases. Another option is that the "iPhone 7" will be c...
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HAVEN Smart Home Lock is a new smart lock that is anchored at the strongest point of the entryway, inside at the base of the door, preventing break-ins where traditional lock systems fall short.  Anchored at the Base – With 95% of break-ins requiring some force, HAVEN Smart Home Lock creates a sturdier support system.  Using a simple wedge, HAVEN Smart Home Lock firmly keeps your door locked. Penetration Testing – HAVEN Smart Home Lock is undergoing a series of inspections in accordance with the highest standards of commercial and...
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