iStabilizer Dolly for Smartphone will give you a better chance to create captivating cinematic videos and panning shots using your iPhone / iPod Touch or other mobile devices like the GoPro. (GoPro camera requires the GoPro tripod mount that is sold separately by GoPro) Now with iStabilizer Dolly you don't need to be a pro, you can have steady camera moves with a low budget. The iStabilizer Dolly allows you to take smooth tracking shots on any flat surface.  We've embedded a video to have a better idea on how to use iStabilizer Dolly. More on iStabilizer Website. ...
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Your friends needs to connect yo your WiFi router, but you forgot the password?Well, that happens most of the time with any body, and that's why you need KEEWIFI.KEEWIFI will change the way your friends connects to your WiFi router, and you will never have to remember your password again. "Unlike any other home networking device. KEEWIFI doesn't require a password to connect to the WiFi or a frustrating and tedious configuration process to install. KEEWIFI features the latest wireless standard 802.11ac and enterprise networking technology to ensure that your WiFi signal is strong, stable, and...
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Not for everyone, this new 88 Tauri Lamborghini Smart Phone, is probably made for the rich. A $6000 smart phone.The 88 Tauri Lamborghini Smart Phone, has a 5-inch screen. is made of leather and metal and a quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor, with 3GB of RAM, a 20MP camera on the back and 8MP on the front.Who will go crazy to pay that much for that luxurious smart phone? well, for sure I won't. Source, Images & Media:
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Today Facebook updated its "Graph Search" beta, to make it easier to find old posts that have been shared with you. With this new update, now you can quick search for a fun video from your birthday or photos from your friend’s graduation. The smart search will be available in US English for now and will work on iPhone and desktops computers. Source & Images: Facebook Newsroom
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Since a while and we're following nano projects, specially drones. Today we've met another new nano drone, called ZANO. So what is ZANO? ZANO is an ultra-portable nano drone which can take aerial photography and HD video, it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. ZANO connects directly to your smart device via WiFi and enables you to instantly begin capturing photos and videos. "Right out of the box you can begin capturing and sharing stunning aerial photographs and videos, with absolutely no complex flight training required." - Ivan Reedman, Head of Research and Development....
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Stunning, spectacular, amazing, is really not enough to describe the BMW i8 car. It is definitely one of the best cars in 2014. With its hybrid power, the eco-friendly BMW i8 can reach a top speed of 160mph. "The BMW i8 is the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car.The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronization of electric motor and combustion engine, which makes itself apparent in maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road. The first sports car that even accelerates the zeitgeist."   "Progress in motio...
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Hovering speakers is not science fiction anymore, OM/ONE Speaker levitates for real. Designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, OM/ONE is as functional as it is beautiful. OM/ONE levitating bluetooth speakers is the world's first levitating bluetooth speaker. OM/ONE levitating bluetooth speakers connect your phone or other bluetooth devices and play music from popular music apps.OM/ONE levitating bluetooth speakers is a Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a magnetic base that levitates the Speaker Orb plus USB port to charge your Speaker Orb and oth...
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Lokheed Martin developed a vehicle conceptual design for commercial use that would accommodate 80 passengers.Lockheed Martin has been working for long time to reduce the sonic booms, which are created when jets At speeds greater than Mach 1 (It is said that the aircraft is flying at Mach 1 if its speed is equal to the speed of sound in air (which is 332 m/s or 1195 km/hr or 717 miles/hour.)"Lockheed Martin’s N+2 concept has a tri-jet configuration; one engine is on the top of the aircraft and the other two are located under each wing. Though not physically hidden, these locations are essential...
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